mk1Wahyudi Djafar is a human rights lawyer and the researcher with the Institute for Policy Research and Advocacy [ELSAM]. He is responsible for works and researches related with freedom of expression issues and the national security policies. He conducts several works on institutional reforms, advocacy research, and human rights advocacy, in which he is involved in rights mainstreaming on policy making process and capacity building programs at state agencies in local and national level. Graduates of the Faculty of Law, Gadjah Mada University [UGM], before joining ELSAM, Wahyudi been a researcher at the National Consortium for Legal Reform [KRHN] with the specification of constitutional law. He was also a researcher at the Center for Democracy and Human Rights Studies [Demos]. In addition, he also did research for several state agencies. Publications can be found in several scientific journals and mass media. Wahyudi is also incorporated in the Public Interest Lawyer Network [PIL-Net] and  the Indonesia Media Defense Litigation Network [IMDLN].

7 thoughts on “Resume

  1. andri

    hallo Bro.
    Ko ga ngasih kabar kalau sudah punya blog. hehehe. Eh tulisanmu yang membongkar hegemoni beras aku tampilkan di blog saqifa yo. Jane aq wes rodo lali bloge. dah lama ga tak urusi. soale sepengetahuanku arep diganti karo koncone tafid. eh tadi dia tiba-tiba sms aq suruh. ngupdate blog. Ok bro itu hanya sedikit curhat.
    BTW, nice blog, meski isi blognya kayaknya berat. see u………

  2. erikson

    tolong bantu saya pak untuk kirimkan pendapat bapak untuk sejarah judicial review di indonesia dgn menitik beratkan kasus madison vs marbury. terimakasih atas bantuan bapak.

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